Patent/Trademark Prosecution

Trademark and patent bridges can negatively affect various entities and businesses. Individuals with rights and patterns in place may incur losses and damages of many types because of these breaches and unlawful trademark violations.

The need for legal assistance to remedy these issues is one of the practices SML Avvocati P.C. give to give the best possible outcome.

Patent Litigation

If you have a patent prosecution case, you can turn to us to uncover the fine details of the case.

We can determine if your case is valid and present it to the Patent Trial and Appeals Board for possible approval. We also defend our clients from challenges and assist with lengthy forms and research regarding the patent in question.

We handle amendments and other issues related to the application. After submission and approval, we deal with patent management to ensure the security of our clients.

Trademark Violations

We provide intellectual property support for trademark rights issues according to California laws.

You must work with experts to help secure your brand and prevent others from having negative impacts. To avoid confusion or loyalty impacts, we get to work on the case immediately to learn more refined details of the situation and help our clients identify their rights and methods to remedy the issue.

We also manage trademark portfolios and assist with the licensing process. We enforce any breaches we detect with our comprehensive monitoring service.

Secure Your Trademark

Residents of the state of California can turn to SML Avoccati P.C. To get the legal assistance you need to protect your brand, prevent negative impacts, and secure your rights.

Our experts have years of experience and insight to help manage and defend individuals and companies against offenders and ensure the prosperity of their endeavors.

Reach out to us today to get started.

Client testimonials

Great experience overall having SML Avvocati, P.C.. as my attorney. They understand their client, very insightful and are experts in the field. Truly a professional and marvelous team.

- John Doe

Hands down the best law firm out there. They stuck through a very difficult case with me. I had battled for years. I would recommend anyone of the attorney's in this firm. They look out for your best interests and have your back the entire time. Thank you again SML Avvocati, P.C. for absolutely everything.

- Jane Doe